In a world of incertitude, people need the cocoon of their home. There, they look for a perfectly working environment, offering features and benefits at a level they are used to get in automotive, home electronics or communication solutions.

Formenti & Giovenzana Group as a leading hardware supplier for furnishing solutions can drive the improvement and generate solutions to move to the next level in furniture for every room in the house.


Formenti & Giovenzana Group contributes to increase globally the satisfaction of the end-consumer of furniture by helping them to get the best use of their m³ of storage in kitchen, sleeping, living and bathroom. Formenti & Giovenzana Group thrives to enhance the perception of the end consumer that good furniture can contribute to improve their quality of life.


Formenti & Giovenzana Group’s aim is therefore on a global scale:
•    to help furniture manufacturers to produce furniture satisfying consumer needs in a cost efficient way

•    to make the act of purchasing furniture a more enjoyable experience

•    to ensure that the use of furniture is intuitive, practical and overall pleasant

Great Numbers, Great Value


Great Numbers, Great Value

 “Value” is the utmost importance of today’s customer. From the base level to the top of the line, customers are looking to invest on products with features adapted to their budget as well as their project requirements.

Great Numbers,” as stated in the FGV slogan, means that our Company is clearly focused on mass production resulting in a cost savings. Supplying quality products, honestly priced, is the aim of FGV in order to satisfy the widest customer base.

Staying true to the mission statement of the Company, we attest to the market our clear position and objectives of FGV. To hardware distributors, furniture manufacturers, furniture retailers and the end-consumer, FGV is addressing the same message: we commit to always supply good products that are affordable and available to everyone!



1947: an extraordinary beginning

In 1947 the Company was founded by Giulio & Luigi Formenti and Fortunato Giovenzana in Veduggio, 20Km south of Como Lake, to produce furniture hardware. Shiny, but scarce raw materials like gold and silver were in demand by consumers throughout Europe and knobs in massive brass were the fashion items for the better society. As one of the first products, Formenti & Giovenzana Spa launched into the market a very cleverly made hollow brass handle which made it affordable to the masses. The fact that a version offered with a sand filling was in the range to give the feel of full material, was demonstrating the pragmatism and the clever approach of the team in those years. The philosophy behind the first products has persisted until today and has become the leitmotiv of over 900 worldwide employees in 2008.

A long history of performance

From the beginning, FGV became the trademark of Formenti & Giovenzana Spa for good products at the right price. Constantly researching new opportunities to offer clever solutions, the Company completed its range step by step to achieve a portfolio covering today hinges, slides, drawer systems, wall hanging brackets , wirework and a very large array of special solutions all destined to make good furniture affordable and add benefits for the end-consumer. Over the years, FGV has consolidated their image and became synonymous of cost-innovation. In parallel to thorough analyse of mainstream products and cost-cutting exercises to market clever solutions at the right price, FGV started to innovate gradually as the host of patents held by the Company clearly demonstrates.

Value for Many

True to the mission statement of the Company, the slogan “value for many" is clearly saying to the market, what is the position and what are the objectives of FGV. To hardware distributors, furniture manufacturers, furniture retailers and end-consumers FGV is addressing the same message: from us, you will get good products, which will be affordable and available to everybody!. “value" is today what customers are looking for, from the entry level to the top of the range. The customer is spending hard earned money and wants the right value for his money. The customer wants features adapted to his budget and to his expectations. “Many", in the FGV slogan, means clearly that the Company is a mass volume producer and cost leader. Supplying quality products honestly priced is the aim of FGV in order to satisfy the largest customer base possible, generating cost saving volumes and economies of scale. Good-better-best is still reflected in the product and solution portfolio, but at every level, the message is clear: value for many.

At the service of the end consumer

Today, the product portfolio of Formenti & Giovenzana Spa reflects the need of end-consumers for a “Good-Better-Best" offer in the furniture technology. Whilst the mass market still requires low prices for commodities like mini-hinges, the middle class worldwide requires an improved offer with features and benefits comparable to what the car industry, the electronics industry or the digital world are projecting into the consumers mind. Damping is becoming to the furniture industry what ABS has become to the car industry. And products like the all new DolceVita line of kitchen innerware or concepts like AssisTech, the recently launched assisted opening & closing assistant are for the kitchen industry, what GPS is for the car industry: the next must-have.  With the satisfaction of consumer needs clearly anchored into the vision and mission statement of the Company, Formenti & Giovenzana Spa have the recipe for their success engraved into the philosophy which guides the day-to-day work.